Leyla Rodriguez comes from a family of musicians. She grew up during the military dictatorship in Argentina, which lasted from 1976 to 1983, and moved to Germany in 1984. In 2011 she won the Kraft New Media Prize, and her work was presented in numerous museums and galleries in many countries; in 2017 her series Isle of Lox, produced jointly with Cristian Straub, was shown at the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
In her short films, Leyla Rodriguez comes up with many-layered sequences on identity. In many cases, penetrating mises-en-scène are assembled, creating the character of dynamic collages. Ahistorical, multiply ambiguous, symbolically charged images suggest narratives that are not redeemed. The films thus generate not so much a stringent view of time or a narrative, but instead create, in a kind of endless loop, variable readings and possibilities of entry. The relationship between identity and nature, culture, home and lack of home is invoked as a superordinate and recurrent motif, generating a melancholy and yearning that overlie the films, which also have in common a textile aesthetic and the fact that the props and costumes are produced by the artist herself. In a synthesis of incidental and alien-looking images, aesthetic affinities emerge with their presence, developing parallel structures of reality and fiction. The film medium changes back and forth in the process, and is dominated by photographic, painterly, performative and musical episodes, frustrating any unambiguous categorization. There are no tangible projection surfaces, which are replaced by shots of landscapes, wild and domesticated animals, and Rodriguez herself, disguised as a masked figure, as a hybrid between man, beast and textile – abstract personifications.
With just a few exceptions, Rodriguez’s films do without language as a means of communication. In the loop, everyday forms and actions are always subjected to a transformation, and it is only the animals that provide any orientation. Like a magic trick, in which, according to precise instructions, something that is there all the time is concealed, and then revealed once more, the images in Leyla Rodriguez’s films generate illusions and stories that are already part of our identity.

Rosa Windt

Group Exhibitions


Buenos Aires/ ARGENTINA

Biennial of Humour and Satire
Art Museum House of Humour and Satire

"OFF THE WALL" Arts + Literature Laboratory
Madison/ USA

"ZIG ZAG/ Flugkunst"
Cliffs, Kent/ UK

"Matle" Her Environment
Nightingale, Chicago/ USA

Columbia/ USA

"Video Vortex XI" International Conference
and Exhibition as a part oft he Srishti Outpost-
a Collateral Event oft the Kochi- Muzeris Biennal
Mill Hall Compound in Mattancherry, Kochin/ INDIA

"Broadcast" Killjoy Collective, Portland/ USA


"Streetlight" Roman Susan Art Fundation, Chicago/ USA

All in one a projected-only loop group show Collettore
Ex sala conferenze ITCG "I. Einaudi"
Piazza Martiri della Libertà, Chiari/ ITALY

"Acenite" Fundación
Ace para el Arte Contemporáneo
Buenos Aires/ ARGENTINA

"Larga Vida a la Nueva Carne"
La Paternal Espacio Proyecto
Buenos Aires/ ARGENTINA

"Hotel Europa" video exhibition Concordia

"Relocation, Restart"
Kunsthal ved siden af Svendborg/ DENMARK

Experimental Film and Video Exhibition
Czong Institute for Contemporary Art

"Dream Machines" TCC Chicago
Chicago/ USA

"Film Stripping" centrum contemporary art space

"Abstract Mind" Czong Institute for Contemporary Art
CICA Museum , Gimpo/ SOUTH KOREA

Cut The Fence Curated by Das Esszimmer–space for art
Das Esszimmer, Platforms@Art-Athina

"Video festival Natures 13" Bežigrad Gallery
Ljubljana/ SLOVENIA

"Space/Time Berlin"
Sophiensaele, Berlin/ GERMANY

"Jacket Video Art Showcase" Crisp-Ellert Art Museum
St Augustine, Florida/ USA


"Video Latino" Curator and editor Liliana Orbach
Indie Photography Group Gallery, Tel Aviv/ ISRAEL

"Public Interrogation" Organized by The Multiple exposure Project
Public Spaces, Metro Manila/ PHILIPPINES

"Videocamping Neubauwohnung" Eine Situation der Galerie Genscher
Galerie Genscher, Hamburg/ GERMANY

"black egg" Kunst auf Reisen
Warnow Valley, Rostock/ GERMANY

"Can one mistake reality for reality?"
Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow/ RUSSIA

"Galerie 15/ Video" Frieda 23
Rostock/ GERMANY

"Incubarte 7"
MuVIM Museu Valencià de la II.lustració i della Modernitat
Valencia/ SPAIN

"ArtvideoKOELN- audio-visual experiences 01"
TENRI Japanisch-Deutsche KulturWerkstatt, Koeln/ GERMANY


"Painting with Light- Video Sculptures" Phoenix Brighton
Brighton/ UK

"Video Babel" Peruvian and North American Cultural
Institute of Cusco, Cusco/ PERU

"The Directors Lounge" Zeche Zollverein at the C.A.R.
Contemporary Art Ruhr, Essen/ GERMANY

"Flores Et Dolores", Galerie Genscher / Park
Hamburg/ GERMANY

"LIEBE ENDET, wie Märchen beginnen"
Flat 1, Vienna/ AUSTRIA

"The Contextiles-isation" Kalopsia Gallery Ocean
Terminal Leith Edinburgh/ SCOTLAND

"Can One Mistake Reality for Reality?" art project Gradient:
From Gray to Color Scale at Loannina urban spaces
Loannina/ GRECEE

"Under the Subway 2014" Local Project Art Space
New York/ USA

"Video festival Natures 11" Bežigrad Gallery
Ljubljana/ SLOVENIA

"Almas lejanas Almas de distancia"
Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio Capannori/ ITALIA

"Les ventilateurs" L'Œil de Poisson Gallery
Quebec/ CANADA

"Yoko Ono Fan Club" Visual Studies Gallery
Buffalo N.Y. State/ USA

"Textile Photography" Kalopsia Gallery Ocean
Terminal Leith Edinburgh/ SCOTLAND

"9th Berlin International Directors Lounge"
Naherholung Sternchen, Berlin/ GERMANY

"What Is Textiles?“ Kalopsia Gallery Ocean
Terminal Leith Edinburgh/ SCOTLAND


"One Two Three, Eternity" Galerie Genscher Group Store
Kunstkreis Schenefeld, Schenefeld/ GERMANY

"Selbwala Beast" Kunstverein Rostock
Rostock/ GERMANY

Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin/ GERMANY

"Isle Of Lox" Brunswick Street Gallery
Melbourne/ AUSTRALIA

"Filmskulptur" Galerie Genscher Plateau
Hamburg/ GERMANY

"Your tongue, teeth & ultimately your lips"
Bloc Projects, Sheffield/ UK

"Under the Subway 2013"
Local Project Art Space, New York/ USA

"Wackeln" Galerie Speckstrasse – Gängeviertel
Hamburg, GERMANY

"After Walk" Space for Arts, Media & Performance"

"Between Image and Personality"
Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow/ RUSSIA

"Turn The Magic On"
CAMP- Contemporary Art Meeting Point, Athens/ GREECE

"Narave Natures" Bežigrajska Gallery 2
Ljubljana/ SLOVENIA

"Tell Annual" Fluorecent Gallery
Tennessee/ USA

"CONFETISH" Takis Katsoulidis Engraving Museum
Messini/ GREECE

"Full Video Container Program"


"Cyberfest" The State Hermitage Museum
St Petersburg/ RUSSIA

"MIA-Not Appicable", The Armory Center for the Arts
Pasadena/ USA

"Wanderlust" The Short Film Movement
The Hideaway, London/ UK

"Papay Gyro Nights" Bergen Kjøtt
Bergen/ NORWAY

"Intercept" Multiplexer Gallery
Las Vegas/ USA

"Water Tower Art Fest" Art Hall Vivacom

"Arbeit Short Movies Night" Arbeit Gallery
London/ UK

"Under the Subway 2012" Local Project Art Space
New York/ USA

"L’Oeil d´Oodaaq" Galerie du Crij
Rennes/ FRANCE

"L’Oeil d´Oodaaq" Galerie Standards
Rennes/ FRANCE

"Filmdeo" Index Art Center
Newark New Jersey/ USA

"Papay Gyro Nights"
Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong/ CHINA

"File Rio 2012" Oi Futuro Gallery
Rio de Janeiro/ BRAZIL


"Kollateral" Das Esszimmer

"Watch It!" Taubman Museum
Virginia/ USA

"Performance Voyage" Tromso Kunstforening
Tromso/ NORWAY

"B.Y.O.B" The White Box
Portland/ USA

"Sub Urban Projection" Laverne Krause Gallery
Eugene/ USA

"This Is A Recording" Conrad Wilde Gallery
Tucson/ USA

Art Space, Bright Trade Show

"Oda" Soda Gallery
Istanbul/ TURKEY

"Performanssi 2011" Turku City Theatre

"Performanssi 2011" Titanik Gallery

"Wear Is Art" Dam Stuhltrager Project Space

"Jour de Fete" The Privat Space Gallery
Barcelona/ SPAIN

Persona Art Festival, Rag Factory

"Washington Project for the Arts"
Ibrahim Theater, Inter. House Philadelphia, Philadelphia/ USA

"Hirschhorn Screening" Hirshhorn Museum
Washington D.C./ USA

7th Berlin International Directors Lounge
Galerie Meinblau, Berlin/ GERMANY

"Washington Project for the Arts"
The Morris Foundation Arts Center, Silverspring MD/ USA

"Washington Project for the Arts"
Harris Hall Auditorium, Richmond VA/ USA

"Washington Project for the Arts"
St. Elizabeth's Hospital Auditorium Washington D.C./ USA

"Washington Project for the Arts"
Maryland Institute College Of Art, Baltimore MD/ USA

"Washington Project for the Arts"
The Phillips Collection Washington, D.C./ USA


"Smoke & Mirrors" Lightwell Gallery
Oklahoma/ USA

"Zoo Station" Roxy Art House
Edinburgh/ SCOTLAND

"Videophänomenale" Pudel
Hamburg/ GERMANY


"But I did not spam the Deputy" Galerie Genscher

"A Screening" On Off Galerie
Hamburg/ GERMANY

"Seelenvögel_Textiltaggx_Isle Of Lox"
Galerie Genscher, Hamburg/ GERMANY

Film / Video / Art – Festivals


Festival Transterritorial de Cine Underground
El patio de Sanchez, Buenos Aires/ ARGENTINA



Festival des Cinémas Différents de Paris
Le Grand Action, Paris/ FRANCE

Festival de cine y vídeo experimental Bideodromo 2017
BilbaoArte, Bilbao/ SPAIN

Façade Video Festival 2017

Festival OODAAQ #7
Imagenes Nomades et poétiques
Rennes/ France

five continents international film festival
CasaDuo Centro Latinoamericano de Arte y Diseño
Anzoategui/ Venezuela

"Sofia Undergronud" International Performance Art Festival

"Häxan" 7th Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival
Bergen Kjøtt
Bergen/ NORWAY

Festival 2° Festival Internacional de Cine del Mar
Caribe Venezuela/ Venezuela

Tenth Cyfest Retrospective Show State Hermitage Museum
St Petersburg/ RUSSIA


Festival de Creatividad, Innovacíon y Cultura Digital
TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes
Tenerife/ SPAIN

Avant Edge Film Festival
The Music Box Theater & The Theater Wit
Chicago/ USA

CÓDEC/ Festival de Vídeo y Creaciones Sonoras
Centro ALIAC, Mexico-City/ MEXICO

Miami New Media Festival
Miami Theater Center, Miami/ USA

Bideodromo International Experimental
Film and Video Festival, Bilbao/ SPAIN

Dobra Festival Internacional
Cinemateca do Museu de Arte Moderna
do Rio de Janeiro MAM/ BRAZIL

Critical Edge Film Festival Network
Beauty & Brawn Art Gallery Chicago/ USA

Festival Images Contre Nature
Videodrome 2 Marseille/ FRANCE

XV International Image Festival
Centro Cultural y de Convenciones Teatro los Fundadores
Manizales/ COLOMBIA

Stockholm Experimental and Animation Film Festival
Stockholm/ SWEDEN

"Traverse Vidéo" festival de vidéos actuelles et contemporaines
Lycée des Arènes, Toulouse/ FRANCE


"Celebrating the Personal Occult" Häxän Film Festival
Oakland CA/ USA

"EMAF" European Media Art Festival
Osnabrueck/ GERMANY


"Video Babel-Muestras Itinerantes" Festival de Cine de Lima
Lima/ PERU

"Turn the Magic on" curated by Margarita Stavraki
Fabrica Utopia Festival, Andros/ GREECE

"Dreaming Room" The Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival


"AURORA" a public outdoor exhibition of light, video
sound, & performance
The Dallas Arts District Dallas/ USA

"A Jour de Fête"
Miden Arts Festival, Kallitechniko Steki, Miden/ GREECE

"Video Art Festival Miden"
Calliope Artspace, Chios/ GREECE

"Simultan 2012" Sinagoga din Cetate, Facultatea de Arte
Casa Artelor, Timsoara/ ROMANIA

Facade Video Festival
Center for Contemporary Art Plovdiv/ BULGARIA

Video Art Festival Miden
Historic Centre of Kalamata, Miden/ GREECE

Video Formes 27th International Video Art & Digital
Cultures festival, Clermont-Ferrand/ FRANCE

Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival
Isle Papay Westray/ SCOTLAND


Sub Urban Projection

Blue Banana Video Art Contest

Bideodromo Inter.Experimental Film and Video Festival
Bilbao/ SPAIN

Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival 2011
Berwick/ ENGLAND

File-Electronic Language Internatinonal Festival
Sao Paulo/ BRAZIL

Images Contre Nature
Marseille/ FRANCE

24 EMAF European Media Art Festival
Osnabrueck/ GERMANY

Urban Nomad Filmfest
Taipei/ TAIWAN

24 Stuttgarter Filmwinter
Stuttgart/ GERMANY


6010 Film & Videofestival

"N9 Production´s"
The Big Screen Project, New York/ USA

One Minute Film & Video Festival
Aarau/ SWISS



e. Magazine for art and contemporary culture
"Animas lejanas/ Almas de distancia"
Author: Helga Marsala

Hamburger Journal
Author: Larissa Dudek


Hamburger Abendblatt Nr.280
newspaper article by Tom R. Schulz
"Drei Stockwerke für die Kunst"

Molt! Speculative Identities
exhibition catalogue
49 pages 30 x 21 cm
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publication of the exhibition
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47 Pages, 15 x 20 cm
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Festival Oodaaq 2012
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