Isle of Lox "Without Light and Guide" 2013 | FILM

Super 8 | HD | mini dv | 06:02 min. | color | stereo

Isle of Lox's second season explores further
ramifications resulting from the tensed relationship
between framework and identity. Which cut of which
image is the true representation of which period of
time? Mediaval Spanish mystic and friar Juan de la
Cruz, more precisely his poem "The Dark Night",
serves as an inspiration and a guideline in the
creation of the three episodes "Without Light and
Guide", "Senses Suspended" and "Members of the
audience". Juan's poem is both, a cry for help and
a doxology. The dark night is not only a metaphor,
but can also be read in a rather profance way: the
disorientation and different forms of anxieties
experienced during long winter nights, the longing
for light and closeness. The second coming of Lox
also marks a change in the apparition of the main
performers. Leylox and Krilox have evolved into
Leyla and Cristian, whose striking resemblance to
Isle of Lox creators Leyla Rodriguez and Cristian
Straub can hardly be denied.In "Without Light and
Guide" Leyla and Cristian are preparing the setting
for a film they're about to shoot. Their main actor
is a toy puppy named Dogggy. After doing some
research and going underground for a while, Leyla
and Cristian start searching the perfect reflection.
Finally, soon after the film in film featuring
Dogggy begins a saboteur emerges. He tries to
fight the video-projection with his flashlight,
he's an anti-projector. After a violent (and random)
image-editing the screen finally collapses and makes
way for a restart.