"SUPREME PRESENCE" 2016 | FILM by Leyla Rodriguez

HD | mini dv | 04:09 min. | color | stereo

"OPTIMISTIC COVER" 2015  FILM by  Leyla Rodriguez

HD | mini dv | 04:29 min. | color | stereo

"THE SEPARATION LOOP" 2015 / FILM BY Leyla Rodriguez

Super 8 | HD | mini dv | 03:56 min. | color | stereo

The separation loop: the phrase is neither the only
odd thing, nor the only paradox of the film. It is emblematic,
since the film overcomes our ways of being, to see,
the status of objects and living creatures. It shapes
its territory bringing closer landscapes of different
spaces or continents, Background? Argentina. An island, big,
hen islets, a high mountain country and a close-up on a stone,
streams and the sea, very close, first over flown then faded in.
Planes and shooting axes

"ETERNITY ON" 2014 | video installation, leyla rodriguez

2000 x 1000 x 2500 mm

Chair, down jacket, round table clothing, paper,
elastic bands and tape