"These five photographs are part of the artist's
core project, "Homeless- heimatlose Heimtextilien",
which consists of well over 220 pictures. It is
a constantly growing work in progress that
demonstrates Leyla Rodriguez´global interventions
into public spaces, which release orphaned home
textiles into a new 'street life'."

600 x 400 mm
alu-dibond acrylic glass

Super 8 | HD | mini dv | 06:02 min. | color | stereo

Isle of Lox's second season explores further
ramifications resulting from the tensed relationship
between framework and identity. Which cut of which
image is the true representation of which period of
time? Mediaval Spanish mystic and friar Juan de la
Cruz, more precisely his poem "The Dark Night",
serves as an inspiration and a guideline in the
creation of the three episodes "Without Light and
Guide", "Senses Suspended" and "Members of the
audience". Juan's poem is both, a cry for help and

Isle Of Lox: Senses Suspended | Super 8 | Mini Dv | HD 16:9 | 04:31 min

Super 8 | HD | mini dv | 04:31 min. | color | stereo

"Senses suspended" is a super8 sensory meditation
which merges with it's creators, who are joyously
jumping and celebrating the beauty of their film,
while, at a different spot, a mute Leyla carries
the flag of victory towards a performance space.

Isle Of Lox: "Members of the audience", leyla rodriguez, cristian straub

HD | mini Dv | 06:10 min. | color | stereo