"THE SEPARATION LOOP" 2015 / FILM BY Leyla Rodriguez

Super 8 | HD | Mini dv | 03:56 Min. | Color | Stereo
China, Germany , Norway, Peru, Spain,
Sweden and Turkey

"ETERNITY ON" 2014 | video installation, leyla rodriguez

2000 x 1000 x 2500 mm
Down jacket, chair, round table clothing,
paper, elastic bands and tape

Phoenix Brighton

"HOMELESS" 2014 | five photographs

600 x 400 mm
Alu-Dibond acrylic glass
Kalopsia Gallery

These five photographs are part of the artist's
core project, "TextiltaggX - Exiled Textiles"
which consists of well over 222 pictures.
It is a constantly growing work in progress
in which the character "Leylox" brings
discarded home textiles into (public) focus all
around the globe.

Isle Of Lox, without Light and Guide, leyla rodriguez, cristian straub

Super 8 | HD | Mini dv | 06:02 Min. | Color | Stereo